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First Presbyterian Church supports a number of missions and ministries locally, nationally and internationally. Here are just a few we support:


Camp Gilmont (Gilmer, TX)

Camp Gilmont’s mission is to offer a place where people can grow in mind, body, and spirit by experiencing God’s love.

Gilmont has experienced growth and change over time, 75 years in fact, and though Gilmont is still a place of ministry, summer camps and retreats, our scope goes beyond our Presbyterian heritage in order to engage a larger Christian community. Gilmont is:

  • developing new spiritual formation program offerings,

  • serving special-needs campers and their families through the ministry of Circle of Friends,

  • hosting retreats and conferences for various Christian organizations, family groups, as well as corporate and nonprofit entities

  • providing Outdoor School which engages public and private schools in meeting their educational goals (TEKS) for students through residential and day programs,

  • helping change lives through the camp experience.

Gilmont remains a simple, beautiful site with the benefit of comfortable accommodations and a beautiful Conference/Retreat Center. The kitchen staff is committed to serving delicious meals and sees accommodating special diet needs as part of our ministry.

Our Prayer: That everyone leaves Gilmont reborn, spiritually nourished, refreshed or revived, having experienced God and having been served in love.

Longview Community Ministries 

Longview Community Ministries is able to serve thousands of needy citizens with over 400 volunteers assisting in various programs such as Meals on Wheels, Service Center, Food Box, Coats for Kids, Learning Lab and many more community projects and programs.

With the help of over 40 area church congregations and numerous other civic organizations, LCM continues the tradition set by the founding leaders of the effectiveness in community partnership to address the needy in our community.

Newgate Mission

Newgate is a day mission that serves the spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and financial needs of the homeless, low-income, and marginalized populations of Longview.

Just a few of the ways Newgate Mission supports over 200 people each day includes nourishment, housing assistance, job readiness and employment training, health and hygiene,transportation and worship.

House of Hope

House of Hope is a faith-based program in Longview dedicated to helping women from all walks of life with variety of needs.

Medical Benevolence Foundation

For over 50 years, MBF has been an independent non-profit organization working in partnership with individuals and churches throughout the U.S. to equip Presbyterian partners in developing countries to proclaim the gospel through medical ministry.

Haiti Education Foundation 

The Haiti Education Foundation (HEF), in our alliance with the Episcopal Church of Haiti, strives to provide educational opportunities to the people of the southern mountains of Haiti . We continue to build on the vision that Mrs. Frances Landers and Pere Jean Wilfrid Albert began in 1981, and we look to God to guide that vision.

In each village, HEF believes that an education, weekday lunch for students, clean water and healthcare for its residents provides the foundation in satisfying basic human needs. We hope that through providing basic human needs, we can assist Haitians to break out of their cycle of dependency.

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