Presbyterian Children's Center


                                           The Presbyterian Children's Center is an outreach ministry of First Presbyterian Church in       
                                           Longview, Texas.  A preschool as well as a daycare, PCC was developed to meet the varied
                                           needs of the young child.  Research shows that the most influential years of a young child’s life  
                                           are from birth to the age of six - comprised of the fastest, most impressionable growth periods.                                             What they learn during these years will shape their attitudes about themselves and everyone
                                           around them.

                                           In order to help facilitate this, PCC employs certified early childhood teachers for PK4's and
                                           Kindergarten classes and highly trained individuals in all other classes. Continuing education is                                             provided for all staff

The learning experience at PCC takes place in a caring, Christian environment where each child's individuality is respected.  We believe that faith and education go hand in hand and both glorify God.

Our goal is to give each child an opportunity to grow according to God's plan, at his/her own pace, with a feeling of "joy of life" and a knowledge that God loves them


Presbyterian Children's Center offers two nutritious snacks per day. For those who choose to order, a hot, healthy, and balanced lunch, meals are available for $4.00 per meal. Menus will be provided for selection on a monthly basis. Parents may also send lunch with children if preferred.  


Office Phone      903-757-8672

Fax                     903-740-0144

Office Hours       Monday thru Friday (7:15 AM to 5:15 PM)